Gemstone Necklace and Its Beauty

Every woman has in her arsenal at least one sparkling gemstone necklace that is kept for a special occasion, or several that can go with different outfits. Women love to wear jewelry, they love to receive them as a gift and they also like to go shopping for them, as the usual idea is ‘the more, the better’.

jewelry (1)However, there are different types of gemstones and women have different preferences when it comes to jewelry. Here’s a short guide that will teach you a little about how to choose the gemstone necklaces accordingly.

The Budget

Yes, the cost is the most important aspect of choosing gemstone jewelry, as everything depends on your budget, and on how much you can afford to spend. The durability of the gemstone is given by the hardness of the stone. The hardest stone everyone knows is the diamond, which is also very expensive, compared to other gemstones. A smaller diamond will cost less, of course, but if you take the same size of different stones, you will surely see the difference in price.

antique-sapphire-jewelry-15The Possibility to Wear It

A diamond necklace is not hard to wear, but not everyone lives in a royal palace where expensive jewelry is expected. When you want to buy a gemstone necklace consider where you will want to wear it. For a wedding or for a formal, special event – you can wear a diamond necklace, but for everyday wearing, it can be a little demanding. If you want to be able to show it off every day, choose something less expensive, like a simple necklace made from natural, untreated stones, which are also less expensive.

The Characteristics

If you want to have something expensive and durable that lasts for a lifetime, choose a gemstone that is treated. For example, 40252064the diamond or the ruby can be used in a simple mount, and one single gemstone will be recommended. The nature of the stone is given by the four C’ – the color, clarity, carat and cut, and the price and quality is given by all of these combined.

The Size

If you receive a gemstone necklace, there is not much that you can do if the jewelry doesn’t fit you. However, when you go and buy for yourself such a jewelry piece, make sure it is the right size. This will have to depend on the purpose of the jewelry, as the length can vary. For an everyday use, you can get a shorter necklace that fits around your neck perfectly. If you want to have a necklace that you can wear for a gemstone-earrings-corpus-christi-rockport-tx-victorias-fine-jewelry-ruby-4e35um-dr-inconspecial occasion, the length of it can be bigger, and it can go even to 30-40 cm, depending on the outfit that you plan to wear it with.

The Metal

This is another important feature of jewelry, as the price can also vary accordingly. You will never have to think that you’ll find a gemstone necklace made of something else beside silver, gold or platinum. The silver is the cheapest, but you won’t find any diamonds set in this, while gold is used for other gemstones. The diamonds usually come with a setting of white gold or platinum, which is also the most expensive metal used for jewelry. When you consider the metal, think also about the resistance – as the silver can become dull with the passage of time, while platinum will always shine.

The Price

This is another feature that will help you choose the correct gemstone in jewelry, as the price will vary from one gemstone to another, but also from one store to another. What doesn’t change much is the price of the diamonds – the smaller the diamond – the smaller the carat, therefore the price will also be smaller. However, a gemstone that is natural – meaning without cut or enough clarity, will be cheaper than a stone that is cut in a multitude of facets. Apart from this, the price of jewelry will differ extremely due to the purpose – a necklace that is made for a wedding will be more expensive than a necklace that is made for everyday wear.

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